Worldwide Cover Model Inc. has created a true photography and modeling industry event.  The WCM event is a conglomeration of industry professionals that can assist models and photographers with their career goals.  This is not a competition to be published but more of a casting that selects the best models and photographers to be published on the covers of top tier magazine. 
WCM also offers a network of Modeling Agents, Public Relation Agents, Corporate Advertisers and other industry professionals.  Attending the WCM event can be a real career changer for everyone and that is our goal.   From photo shoots to getting published to landing ad campaigns and even red carpet industry parties you want want to miss this event. 


Worldwide Cover Model is a master photography event scheduled for October 26th to 30th 2017 at The Palms Casino, located in Las Vegas.  Oct 26th is the arrival day and Oct 30th is the departure day.  The WCM workshop is designed to give upcoming photographers the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced photographers in the business and to shoot with over 50 selected models attending the event. Our leading photo instructors will show you what it takes to photograph cover-worthy features and land your work on top magazines covers.
The WCM photographers have had long, successful careers with hundreds of covers between them. Brian B Hayes shoots glamour models, with his work appearing on current covers monthly. John Russo shoots for major movie/television studios and A-List celebrities that are featured in major fashion & lifestyle magazines.
Together, this duo will show you their techniques on lighting, posing, props, model and location selection, shoot etiquette, and most importantly what style photos magazines will publish.  With an in-depth curriculum and live demonstrations, you will learn what editors consider when deciding layouts and covers.  Digital is changing the rules of the publishing industry, time will be taken to explain the market shifts and how to thrive in the medium.
Along with the workshop, selected attending models and photographers will shoot for guaranteed covers from big name magazines.  Photographers and models have the chance to shoot with a variety of talented individuals to create cover worthy images.  Every opportunity to make amazing images will be granted to you – amazing models and a great location at your disposal. 
The WCM workshop offers you a launching pad to change your career in the long run.  The better the models look in your book, then the better your work looks. The better your work looks, the better bookings you’ll receive.


Worldwide Cover Model is an event hosted at The Palm Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. We will be selecting over 50 models to participate in a FREE modeling event that offers models the opportunity to shoot with a variety of talented photographers.  The models chosen will have accommodations and some meals provided for FREE by the Palms Resort.  Models only need to provide their transportation to and from the WCM event in Las Vegas. 
Models also have the chance to be selected to shoot A-List magazine covers, sign with Modeling/PR agencies, and be selected for paid bookings to shoot corporate ad campaigns.  On the last day of the event models will be selected to shoot the guaranteed sponsored covers and ad campaigns.  
ALL the Approved models have the opportunity to shoot with a variety of talented photographers for both fashion and glamour style photo shoots.   WCM will also be hosting a Dinner VIP Fashion Party, a Red Carpet Event Party, and an Awards Party.   
Attending models will participate in photo shoots directed by our master photographers — Brian B Hayes and John Russo. These top photographers will cover the secrets to a successful modeling career, how to branding yourself on social media, and insight into international magazine markets.  Models have the opportunity to meet with modeling and PR agencies attending the event.
Our photographers have had long, successful careers, with hundreds of covers between them. Brian B Hayes shoots glamour models, with his work appearing on current covers monthly. John Russo shoots for major movie/television studios and A-List celebrities that are featured in major fashion & lifestyle magazines.
The photos you come away with from attending WCM will boost your portfolio’s quality and position you to be noticed by bigger photographers and magazines.WCM goal is to help everyone succeed but a few models will be guaranteed covers photo shoots by our fashion, and glamour sponsored magazines. 
Registration is open to all models and the WCM team will review all submissions in order to select the models that have the most cover potential.   Space is limited so register now.  If you are selected by the WCM team then you will receive an APPROVAL email.  Models are approved weekly.
Photographer’s WCM Event Prep List

1. Photography Gear

A: Camera and accessories

B: Reflectors

C: Camera Flash

D: Light Meter

E: Light Heads with Stands (Optional. Can only use when needed)

F: Monopod / Tripod (Optional. If needed)

G: Ability to download images and utilize the internet for uploads. (Laptop)

2. Clothing 

A: Casual clothes as well as swimsuit. !

B: Dress clothes for fine dining and night club. Must have collared shirt and appropriate shoes

WCM Event Prep List

1. Wardrobe

A: Swimwear, Lingerie, Fashion Dress, Casual Clothes, Clothes for fine dining and Night Club

B: Makeup as needed

C: Hair accessories as needed

D: No Self Tanner Please / Please get spray tans if needed

E: See Photo Shoot Prep List for more details

Photo Shoot Prep List

1. NO RUB-ON Self-Tanner PLEASE!! These bottled self tanners never apply on evenly and will leave streaks. Tanner also ends up in the cracks of your skin especially on your hands and under your fingernails. Not to mention that I have seen many models show up to photo shoots looking orange. If you need to tan please get a professional spray tan. If your skin is white and splotchy then please get 2 spray tans. Do not shave before going to tan. Also do not show up to a photo shoot right after tanning as everything you sit on creates tanner stains which leaves a path of destruction. Applying self tanner at the photo shoot is the worst ever.

2. Please remove all hair from all areas of your body as needed. If you shave and have problems with razor burn then utilize “Tend Skin” immediately after shaving.

3. No oil or lotions that contain glitter or shine. Some photo shoots, like fitness, can require a shine but most photo shoots do not. Normal lotions work best.

4. Fingernails should be natural length with neutral colors and match your toenails.

5. Hair extensions work great but please get quality ones that do not extend to far past the bottom of your bra line. It's also good if the extensions match your hair color. Natural hair colors work best. Over bleached white looking hair does not work well for magazines.

6. Wear loose clothing to bed, before your shoots, and during your shoots. Tight clothes will leave lines on your skin.

7. Please complete all botox and other procedures well in advance so that swelling and bruising can diminish.

8. You can bring jewelry accessories but most likely will only be used for Fashion Shoots.

9. Come to your photo shoots in shape. PLEASE

10. Reminder your makeup works best for publishing if it is light, fresh, and natural colors. PLEASE Fashion shoots can be more editorial and require more makeup.

11. Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. If your eyes are bloodshot then please use drops to clear them if possible.

12. Get everything ready the night before and wakeup early so that you have plenty of time. Being late can stress you out as well as others.

13. Please be kind to everyone even if you're having a bad day. Being emotionally ready for your photo shoots is helpful.

14. Wardrobe / Styling - Swimwear and Lingerie work best in earth tone colors. No neon colors or patterns. No tops that are halter, bandeau styles or have hard round inserts. No sling-shot style swimwear. Please nothing that has “STRAPS” that wrap around your body. Keep it simple please and not a lot of bling. Form fitting clothing works best. Shoes with six inch heals or less please. Fashion shoots can be anything from designer dresses to designer jeans. Remember you are competing for a fashion cover so checkout the fashion magazines to get some cool ideas.